Nordisk Match og ECTO 2018 i Silkeborg


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Instruktion kan hentes her/instructions can be downloaded here:

Please note that there has been at small change 19/9 in the instruction, regarding maps, marked clearly in the instruction with strikethrough(old) and red writing(new)

Dansk instruktion

English instruction

Training Course, Kobskov, all day Friday plus Saturday morning

Please note this is a training event and not a model event; it is not set up to represent either the terrain or the course planning style for the Nordic Match. No control cards are being issued.

There is one course of 12 controls. Maximum time is 90 minutes. The route is along good forest tracks with gentle slopes and is suitable for wheelchairs. All small paths are out of bounds. Take care when crossing the main road – an underpass can also be used. The climb southwards out of the road underpass is quite steep.

At control 10 the viewing point is a short distance into the terrain on a good flat surface, marked by tapes.

Directions and parking

From Scandic Hotel go left (north-east) along the main road and turn right at the first traffic lights. Then go straight on at the next two sets of lights. Parking is in the car park on the left after a further 400 metres, on Søndre Ringvej (route 52), north of the lake Almindsø. There will be an orienteering flag at the entrance to the car park.

The map (download here) or see below

1:5000, 5 m contours, drawn in 2016. Small green dots are holly trees over 2 m high. The items represented by a black cross have been removed. The contours originate from Lidar (COWI in Denmark) and are quite accurate. Some vegetation is now less accurate than when the map was made, but overall there is not much change.


Why not take a swim? The water in Almindsø is very clean as it is fed largely by natural springs, and the water is still quite warm after the hot summer. Use the beach and piers out into the lake that are west of control 11; there is also a beach about 200m from the main road on the west side of the lake.


Hidden between the *´s below in white writing, mark the area to see the solution:

* 1.A   2. Z  3. Z   4. B   5. C   6. B    7.C    8. Z   9. C   10. B   11. Z   12. A *

Kobskov NM training 16-9-18


Silkeborg OK are looking forward to welcoming you in Silkeborg. Take a look at the invitation here (two pages)

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Nordic Match invitation vs. 1 2-7-18